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Fixing The Selection Committee's Procedural Issues

Posted by Joe Piazza on March 22, 2013 at 12:55 AM


The committee is supposed to avoid rematches before the Sweet 16. That would include rematches from this season and the previous two tournaments. They obviously failed at making their bracket. Using their S-Curve (You can find it this tournament's wikipedia page) I will show you a bracket the committee could have made without any rematches and without butchering the seeds by swapping lines as much as they did.


Here are the possible rematches they have or possibly could have had lined up.


#1 Louisville vs #9 Missouri (This Season)

#4 Kansas State vs #5 Wisconsin (2011 R32)

#1 Kansas vs #8 North Carolina (2012 E8 )

#3 Florida vs #6 UCLA (2011 R32)

#3 Marquette vs #6 Butler (This Season)

#5 UNLV vs #12 California (This Season)

They also swapped 10 seeds around. 8 if you group play-in opponents together. In the bracket below there are only 2 sets of teams swapped. The first one is swapping true #9(36 overall) Colorado and true #10(37 Overall) Cincinnati, who is ahead of Villanova. The other change involves swapping true #6(24 overall) UCLA and true #7(25 Overall) Creighton. That last spot is where the committee goofed. Instead of simply moving UCLA down a seed line they did a bunch of complicated seedswapping in order to accomodate Minnesota being on the opposite side of the bracket from other Big Ten schools and to keep Cal and Oregon away from first round games against UCLA and Arizona.

The only one I gave them was Wisconsin vs Kansas State as it truly could butcher the bracket if it was swapped.

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